• Address
  • Studio 17
  • 310 Kingsland Road
  • E8 4DB London
  • United Kingdom
  • Website by
  • Jere Salonen
  • Work credits
  • Produced at MadeThought:
    Aaya (unpublished), Cass Sculpture Foundation,
    Chelsea Fields, Equa, Firefly (unpublished), Nike.

    Produced at Winkreative:
    British Airways, Christofle (unpublished), Residents Club
    (unpublished), IFCA, SF DRS (unpublished), PalmFund.

    Produced at Studio EMMI:
    Tate Britain

    Produced at A+B Studio:

    Due to copyright issues some of our
    recent work can't be featured on this site.
    Please contact us for the most recent portfolio in PDF version.